Monday, November 9, 2015

It's easy to carry anything other than a Nighthawk

It's easy to carry anything other than a Nighthawk . . . Price always seems to be the focus of most customers . . . It's funny, the grimacing looks I've received . . . All most as if I just slapped the *** out of them . . . Then I explain everything else wishes it were a Nighthawk.

When I show firearm to a potential customer, I always start with a Nighthawk, everything else . . . plays second fiddle . . . Everything else needs somethingd . . . Be it a trigger job, tightening the slide, polishing the feed ramp and still they clang when you walk . . . I bet you think I'm kidding? Just shake a Rock Island . . . Baby don't need a rattle . . . That's pretty much all factory guns. No exceptions.

Do people at the range ask you what you're shooting? It happens all the time with a Nighthawk . . . They're just that good.

Nighthawk Custom . . . Satisfaction for a Life Time. 

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