Monday, November 9, 2015

It's easy to carry anything other than a Nighthawk

It's easy to carry anything other than a Nighthawk . . . Price always seems to be the focus of most customers . . . It's funny, the grimacing looks I've received . . . All most as if I just slapped the *** out of them . . . Then I explain everything else wishes it were a Nighthawk.

When I show firearm to a potential customer, I always start with a Nighthawk, everything else . . . plays second fiddle . . . Everything else needs somethingd . . . Be it a trigger job, tightening the slide, polishing the feed ramp and still they clang when you walk . . . I bet you think I'm kidding? Just shake a Rock Island . . . Baby don't need a rattle . . . That's pretty much all factory guns. No exceptions.

Do people at the range ask you what you're shooting? It happens all the time with a Nighthawk . . . They're just that good.

Nighthawk Custom . . . Satisfaction for a Life Time. 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What do you Carry? 

I carry a Nighthawk Custom T3 . . . I would never carry anything else. When push comes to shove, my Nighthawk shoves very nicely . . . 

ONE Gun ONE Gunsmith . . . And that resonates with me. Each piece is hand fitted, each firearm stamped by the gunsmith . . . A virtual signature certifying the Nighthawk craftsmanship . . . Each Nighthawk comes with a lifetime warranty . . . Can you say that about your factory guns?

Wisconsin Tactical Nighthawk Custom Dealer . . . And we're very proud of it.



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             . . . Different than the rest.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why buy a Nighthawk

Why should you buy a Wisconsin Tactical Nighthawk Custom 1911?

Why not? Our customers want the best . . . So many take theirs to the range . . . They all say the same thing. "I shot my for the first time and the groupings are magical. Right out of the bag, all in the black." The guy next to me asked, "What are you shooting?" "A Nighthawk." "Oh, you're one of those."

I have one . . . I wanted something I could depend on . . . One gunsmith, one gun.

Words like sleek, elegant come to mind . . . And then you shoot one . . . Words like tack driver, domination.

The Dominator

Ever part is custom fitted for the tightest fit of any 1911 . . . Whether you are looking for a 45 or a 9mm . . . Or even a 22 conversion . . . Nighthawk makes one for you.

The T3 or T4

Why carry anything else . . .


It's threaded barrel gives you the option to add a suppressor in 45acp, 9mm or even on their 22 conversion . . .

 Come See Why a Nighthawk

 Wisconsin Tactical . . . We do what others say they do. We are WITAC. We are gunsmiths, we are Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing near Milwaukee.